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Poults and chicks

13 May

We have some surplus chicks growing out in our brooders. Black Ameraucana (from Blue/Black/Splash pen), two Ohiki true bantams, one Exchequer Leghorn, a few Appenzeller Spitzhauben, and an assortment of brown, green, olive and blue egg laying crosses sure to bring variety to your flock. $5 and up while they last!

We also have turkey poults from our Walnut Hill Farm line. Based on Narragansett and Standard Bronze lines, I selected for good size and sustainable production for more than 6 years. These birds free range and roost like smaller color selected heritage but put a real meal on the table when the time comes. Toms average 25 lb at 7 months, hens 18 lb at 7 months. $10 each. Incubator season is coming to an end so reserve yours now.



Chicks and poults

11 Mar

We have chicks!

Available now and through spring we will be offering chicks and turkey poults. Uncommon breeds like Serama, Appenzeller Spitzhauben, Ayam Cemani, Sulmtaler, Naked Necks and our “backyard gems”, mixed breed birds crossed to make a rainbow of egg colors including white, cream, tan, brown, chocolate, blue, aqua, green and olive.

Our turkeys include full heritage selections as well as our popular meat line that we offer for Thanksgiving each year.

Varieties vary by hatch, and hatching weekly.


Last chance for turkeys until next fall!

22 Dec

We have plenty of fresh turkeys available DECEMBER 23, 2016 for your Christmas or anytime enjoyment. These are smaller birds from 10-20 pounds.

After December 23, I will be further processing the leftover turkeys into assorted cuts. I can also cut yours into drumsticks, thighs, wings and breasts if you prefer. To ensure freshness I will be freezing the cut up birds immediately after packaging. I can also debone and grind them into fresh ground turkey on request before they are frozen.


A few remaining turkeys for Thanksgiving

21 Nov

We were blessed with an overabundance of turkeys this year, so we took more in than we had orders for.

We have five lovely turkeys remaining, ranging from 8 to 37 pounds. Please email for an up to date status on what is available. Cash and carry…Happy Thanksgiving!


Turkeys are ready!

19 Nov

Turkeys are ready for pickup!


Chicks for sale

02 Apr

Beautiful Easter Egger chicks.  Raise hardy, productive egg layers and nice roosters in your own back yard (ordinances permitting).  Email to make an appointment to pick up yours today!


Extra turkeys!

21 Nov

We always hold back a couple of turkeys in case anyone needs a little more turkey on the table, or if any aren’t up to standards.  This year, we didn’t need any substitutes, so we have a few small turkeys available for immediate sale.  These are great for intimate dinners, to try a heritage turkey along side a common one, or for frying or smoking.

#35 is a very petite hen, at 4.9 lbs.  Perfect for dinner for one or two!

#34 is a petite hen, at 6.7 lbs.  Dinner for 3 or 4.

#33 is a hen, at 7.8 lbs.  Dinner for 4.

These are available today!  They are now frozen but will thaw in time for Thanksgiving as they are small.  Email to hold yours for pickup today.




Weather Advisory

20 Nov

Due to the severe weather forecast for Saturday, November 21, I am working hard to get your birds ready for pickup THIS AFTERNOON.  Check your PayPal email or PayPal associated phone number throughout the afternoon for the weight of your bird(s), and balance due (cash only, please).


2015 Turkey pickup

19 Nov

Thank you for your interest in our heritage turkeys!

We have 35 turkeys headed to dinners around town.  We’ll have the weights in tomorrow but the large are ranging 15-18 pounds, medium 12-15 pounds, small under 12 pounds.  We do have a few small turkeys available.  They are great for grilling, smoking and frying as well as roasting.

As of now, all large and medium turkeys are reserved.  If you are interested in adding a small turkey to your order, please email

Turkey pickup will be Saturday, November 21 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Happy New Year!

02 Jan

Greetings, friends! We will be bringing in 150 new pullets mid-February, and they should start laying by late March. We will be selling off our existing flock of 1 1/2 year old production reds starting in March. If you are in need of backyard layers or stewing hens, please drop us a line at with your request!