Turkeys 2014

13 Jun

Walnut Hill Farm is raising more turkeys in 2014 than we ever have before. Our Narragansett breeding pair has been producing plenty of fertile eggs, and an acquisition of a few other heritage hatching eggs to broaden the gene pool has resulted in a nice assortment of beautiful healthy turkeys. We are also raising a dozen Broad Breasted Bronze hens and three toms to fill the niche for larger birds. As always, they will be bagged and processed and ready for you just in time for your Thanksgiving dinner. Please watch for our reservation form, which will be posted in just a couple of weeks.

We will be opening our reservations early this year, and can guarantee that there will be a bird for every order for which we take a reservation.

We also have Narragansett turkey hatching eggs and Narragansett poults available if you want to raise your own turkey.

We have just finished raising our first batch of broilers for the season. These Cornish x Rock crosses, from Townline Hatchery in Zeeland, are exceptionally vigorous and healthy. Although this first batch is already filling requests from our own family, we are ordering the next batch for mid-September processing. These birds will dress out at 5-8 lbs and are well fleshed and well balanced conformation.

In order to ensure we can raise them with plenty of space and care, we are limiting our production to 25 birds per batch. This is a very small number so please, if you are interested in reserving one or more hand raised broilers, please drop us a line at Price is $4.00 per pound dressed weight, and please remember you are not getting the 13% “broth” filler that commercial poultry contains so you get much more meat for your money.


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