Thanksgiving is almost here!

10 Nov

And all of our beautiful turkeys have dinner reservations.  Thanks to all for supporting your local farm!

The pickup date will be Saturday, November 22.  We will contact you on November 20 or 21 with pickup details and the balance due on your turkey.

We have selected our breeding stock for next season from the best of the batch, and we are keeping two Narragansett hens and one tom for 2015 eggs.  This will allow us to grow more heritage turkeys in 2015.  Since we are committed to providing the best food possible to your table, and helping to promote and restore the Narragansett turkey to a plentiful and high quality status, we will raise only Narragansetts.  We do sell surplus eggs and poults, so if you wish to raise your own turkey next year, check back in the spring for availability.


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