Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends!

22 Nov

Thank you all for a wonderful 2014!  Happy Thanksgiving and I truly hope you enjoy the turkeys we raised by hand since the day they hatched (and for the heritage birds, for 28 days before that)!

We had more beautiful birds than ever this year, and will raise a few more next year.  We will unfortunately never be able to meet the demand, but we will raise as many as we can without compromising health, living conditions, and TLC.

Please be careful not to overcook your fresh turkey.  You do not need to freeze your turkey between now and Thanksgiving, just keep it in the fridge below 35F to maintain freshness.  A bag with giblets is inside, please remember to remove it before cooking.  And please follow the revised USDA cooking temperatures of 165F for the best tasting, juiciest turkey you can find!  If stuffing your bird, please be sure to allow the bird to warm up a bit at room temperature while preparing your stuffing, rinse the inside and outside before stuffing, and add HOT stuffing to the cavity and immediately begin roasting.  Stuffing should reach 145F before serving.  If it is not hot enough when the bird is done, consider removing the stuffing and continuing to bake it in a casserole dish while the turkey rests before carving.

Our all natural turkeys cook fast, often 30% faster than your cookbook says for the weight.  If your turkey is done early, simply wrap in foil, place in a cooler, and pack with towels.  The rest period will do no harm and will keep the turkey warm for a considerable time.  It’s definitely a better alternative to overcooking!


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