2015 Turkeys

14 Apr

This year we have taken another step to ensure we are embracing sustainable farming practices.  We are not planning to raise our jumbo broad breasted bronze turkeys this year.  Instead, we will be raising more heritage turkeys, Bourbon Red*, Narragansett*, American Bronze* and for the first time Midget White*.

Midget White turkeys were originally developed in the 1960s as a sustainable small family turkey.  They are meatier than a small heritage turkey, with more white meat than their traditional heritage cousins, yet have the slow growth, vigor, and taste of the heritage birds.  With white feathers, they also dress out very cleanly.

The broad breasts and compact bodies make a nice small family dinner, or an “everyday” turkey for any time of the year for a family of 4-8.  We are only raising a small number for evaluation, but if they perform well and are popular we’ll continue to raise them along with other heritage turkey varieties.

* denotes Slow Food USA Ark of Taste recognition for outstanding taste, sustainable production, threatened or endangered status, and produced in limited quantities.

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