Extra turkeys!

21 Nov

We always hold back a couple of turkeys in case anyone needs a little more turkey on the table, or if any aren’t up to standards.  This year, we didn’t need any substitutes, so we have a few small turkeys available for immediate sale.  These are great for intimate dinners, to try a heritage turkey along side a common one, or for frying or smoking.

#35 is a very petite hen, at 4.9 lbs.  Perfect for dinner for one or two!

#34 is a petite hen, at 6.7 lbs.  Dinner for 3 or 4.

#33 is a hen, at 7.8 lbs.  Dinner for 4.

These are available today!  They are now frozen but will thaw in time for Thanksgiving as they are small.  Email to hold yours for pickup today.




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