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13 Aug

This year, we are offering sustainable heritage turkey varieties from our own breeding flock.  These mixed color heritage turkeys are larger and meatier than many heritage lines raised only for a specific color.  We have also been able to raise more turkeys to grace more tables this Thanksgiving season.  We are also able to LOWER the price to $6.00 a pound thanks to keeping the poult cost down.

We are raising predominantly heritage Bronze turkeys this year, along with several Narragansett and Oregon Gray turkeys.  All are renowned for their meat quality and taste, their sustainable qualities, and their excellent temperaments and beauty.  These turkeys offer a nice balance of light and dark meat, and the meat is tender, juicy, and full of real turkey flavor.

This year, for the first time, we are offering “Early Birds”.  These are our large heritage toms that are big enough to harvest today because they hatched earlier in the season.  Removing a few of these big boys gives the younger and smaller birds more space to grow.  You can purchase these birds live, or if I have enough orders I’ll make a trip to the processor.  Email to get your early bird today!  **SOLD OUT of Early Birds**

Heritage Turkey Hen

Hens are fine-boned and dainty, and grow more slowly to a smaller size with flavorful, juicy meat.  Hens generally dress out from 8 to 14 pounds, and smaller hens are often cooked two to a roaster  as they carve out to personal-sized pieces like a large chicken.  Small hens are also great to deep fry, or if you want to fry one and roast another.

Heritage Turkey Tom

Toms stand tall and strong, and grow a little more quickly and considerably larger than the hens.  Toms generally dress out from 12 to 18 pounds and are very flavorful and juicy, but this year we will also have large young toms up to 30 pounds thanks to our home grown breeding flock built from our biggest and best heritage turkeys over several years of selection.

To reserve your turkey today, please place a $25.00 deposit per turkey using the button below.  We fill our orders in order of reservation, so please reserve early to ensure you get the bird(s) you want.  Price is $6.00/lb dressed and bagged and your deposit will be credited at the time of pick up.

Orders are pick up only at the farm the weekend before Thanksgiving, and deposits are non-refundable unless we cannot provide a turkey for you.  We have more than 50 turkeys growing out this year so we should have no trouble filling requests.  The birds will be processed on November 18 and will be available for pickup on November 19-20.

Sizes are as follows, click to add to cart:

  • Extra Small:  under 10 pounds
    • Excellent fried or on the grill, put two in a roaster for personal pieces, or freeze for “any day turkey”.


  • Small:  10 – 13 pounds 
    • Roast two in a roaster, or brine and smoke for succulent goodness.


  • Medium:  13-16 pounds 
    • The perfect size for a small family gathering.


  • Large:  16 – 20 pounds 


  • Extra Large:  20 pounds and up  



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