We still have turkeys!

11 Nov

We still have turkeys available for Thanksgiving!  We have 20 available right now ranging from 6-13 pounds.

Be bold:

  • Split your turkey lengthwise, season it up and grill it.
  • Inject or brine and hot smoke your turkey.
  • Deep fry it whole, or cut into pieces and deep fry.
  • Roast two small young hens in a pan and carve the joints into single serving sizes.
  • Stuff one with traditional giblet dressing and another with apple, mushroom and pecan dressing.

We’ll even offer an extra incentive to go out of the box…save $1/lb on our turkeys under 10 lb.  Store it in the freezer for a bit if you wish.  We only grow turkeys once a year so get them while you can!  These small turkeys cook fast…enjoy them anytime.

We are also bagging the birds in BPA-free freezer and oven safe bags, please let us know how you like them.


Order your turkey here:  Reserve your Thanksgiving Turkey today!


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