Preorder your specialty chicks and Walnut Hill Farm turkeys now!

03 Jan

We are now accepting requests for chicken and turkey varieties to be hatched Spring 2017. Sorry, we do not ship. All chicks and poults need to be picked up at the farm.

Silver Spangled Appenzeller Spitzhauben $15 each straight run (last week of February through last week of March)

  • Silver Spangled Appenzeller Spitzhauben 




Ayam Cemani (cockerels only) $50 each with no more than one CLEAR toenail on each foot at hatch. While parent stock is all black, this breed has a very high cull rate for recessive color genetics. No guarantee on adult colors. These are PURE Ayam Cemani with great fibro expression in the parent stock and no leakage. As available…cannot tell when hens will choose to lay. These are wild type layers, producing only a few clutches a year. Orders will be filled in order of request.

  • Ayam Cemani 



Easter Eggers bred for shades of aqua to olive $5 each straight run. These are great year round layers. (last week of February through last week of March)

  • Easter Egger 


Heritage turkeys (colors include Narragansett, Bronze, Golden Narragansett, Red Bronze, Dark Gray, Narragansett phenotype) $15. We will try to fill color requests but due to the number of color combinations possible, please be willing to be flexible on color or get birds from multiple hatches. (Hatching February – June)

  • Heritage turkey 



Meat line turkeys (colors may include Bronze phenotype, Oregon Gray, White, Dark Gray, Cornish Palm, Narragansett phenotype, Bronze phenotype, Sweetgrass phenotype) with young tom weights 25 to 37 lb at 28 weeks. $15 assorted colors. Limited availability. (Small hatches February – June)

  • Meat Line turkey 




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