Eggs in the incubator!

31 Jan

If your family is involved in a 4-H poultry program or know someone who is, we are offering our early season hatches to 4-H members first so they can make the entry dates. No minimum order and quantities are limited. I am getting most of these eggs from quality breeders and offering ALL at discounted prices to verified 4-H families.

Scheduled to hatch:
Serama – February 25-26 pickup Some pens include silkied Serama and frizzle Serama so some chicks may carry these genes. Very delicate and tiny! While these birds come from very good stock, this is a novelty breed and not all chicks will grow out to show quality.

Heritage turkeys – March 4-5 pickup. Our own Walnut Hill Farm birds, variety of colors.

Meat line (heritage/BB cross) turkeys – March 4-5 pickup
Vigorous birds that grow large, 30 pound young toms are common. These are meat pen birds with easy livability from our own Walnut Hill Farm meat line. These are the stars of our Thanksgiving market.

Coming soon: Purebred Ameraucana (white, lavender, blue, black, splash), Silkie, Call Duck, Ohiki, and Ohiki Easter Eggers!

Keep watching this post as we add more hatches. Any unsold to 4-H after these weekends will be available to the general public.


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