Poults and chicks

13 May

We have some surplus chicks growing out in our brooders. Black Ameraucana (from Blue/Black/Splash pen), two Ohiki true bantams, one Exchequer Leghorn, a few Appenzeller Spitzhauben, and an assortment of brown, green, olive and blue egg laying crosses sure to bring variety to your flock. $5 and up while they last!

We also have turkey poults from our Walnut Hill Farm line. Based on Narragansett and Standard Bronze lines, I selected for good size and sustainable production for more than 6 years. These birds free range and roost like smaller color selected heritage but put a real meal on the table when the time comes. Toms average 25 lb at 7 months, hens 18 lb at 7 months. $10 each. Incubator season is coming to an end so reserve yours now.



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