Spring is on the way!

05 Mar

Wow, how time flies.  It’s almost Spring again, and the hens are all busy at work laying eggs.

On March 18, I am expecting 11 turkey poults.  On March 26, another 5 turkey poults, and on April 1, 6 more.  Every Sunday I’ll be putting more eggs into the incubator, and will be hatching plenty of poults for your own backyard flocks, 4-H shows, and Thanksgiving dinners.  Most will be Narragansett and some will be a Narragansett color variant and a very few will be Bronze.

Over the course of the season, I’ll be offering assorted backyard chicks.  All are sired by an Ayam Cemani over a variety of hens from my project pens, so will have black faces and combs in varying degrees for an exotic look.  These are novelty birds that don’t meet any breed standards, and will be priced accordingly.  Right now, the hens in this pen include Blue Fibro Araucana, Ohiki, and Blue Appenzeller Spitzhauben.   Straight run chicks $5 each starting in late March, photos to follow.



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