Weather Advisory

20 Nov

Due to the severe weather forecast for Saturday, November 21, I am working hard to get your birds ready for pickup THIS AFTERNOON.  Check your PayPal email or PayPal associated phone number throughout the afternoon for the weight of your bird(s), and balance due (cash only, please).


2015 Turkey pickup

19 Nov

Thank you for your interest in our heritage turkeys!

We have 35 turkeys headed to dinners around town.  We’ll have the weights in tomorrow but the large are ranging 15-18 pounds, medium 12-15 pounds, small under 12 pounds.  We do have a few small turkeys available.  They are great for grilling, smoking and frying as well as roasting.

As of now, all large and medium turkeys are reserved.  If you are interested in adding a small turkey to your order, please email

Turkey pickup will be Saturday, November 21 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Don’t forget to reserve your turkey!

28 Sep

Our reservations book for Thanksgiving turkeys is filling up quickly. Don’t miss your chance for your heritage turkey on the table!

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Reservations open for Thanksgiving Heritage Turkeys

26 Jun

This year, we are offering only sustainable heritage turkey varieties.  This is a big step for us, as heritage turkeys take nearly twice as long to reach maturity, eat twice as much in reaching maturity, and yield half the amount of meat compared to the commercial poultry industry turkeys raised in the same manner.  Over the years the demand for our heritage turkeys have increased and for the broad breasted turkeys has decreased, and this year it made sense to step away from the broad breasted turkeys.  By doing so, we are able to raise more turkeys to grace more tables this Thanksgiving season.

We are raising predominantly Bourbon Red turkeys this year, along with several Standard Bronze, Narragansett, and Golden Narragansett turkeys.  All are renowned for their meat quality and taste, their sustainable qualities, and their excellent temperaments and beauty.  These turkeys offer a nice balance of light and dark meat, and the meat is tender, juicy, and full of real turkey flavor.

Heritage Turkey Hen

Hens are fine-boned and dainty, and grow more slowly to a smaller size with flavorful, juicy meat.  Hens generally dress out from 8 to 14 pounds, and smaller hens are often cooked two to a roaster for larger meals as they carve out to personal-sized pieces.  Hens are also great to fry, or to put into the freezer for future enjoyment.

Heritage Turkey Tom

Toms stand tall and strong, and grow a little more quickly and considerably larger than the hens.  Toms generally dress out from 12 to 18 pounds and are very flavorful and juicy.

To reserve your turkey today, please place a $25.00 deposit per turkey using the button below.  We fill our orders in order of reservation, so please reserve early to ensure you get the bird(s) you want.  Price is $6.50/lb dressed and bagged and your deposit will be credited at the time of pick up.

Orders are pick up only at the farm the weekend before Thanksgiving, and deposits are non-refundable unless we cannot provide a turkey for you.  We have more than 50 turkeys growing out this year so we should have no trouble filling requests.  The birds will be processed on November 20 and will be available for pickup on November 21.

Sizes are as follows:

  • ALMOST GONE Small:  Under 12 pounds
  • SOLD OUT Medium:  12-16 pounds
  • SOLD OUT Large:  16 pounds and up



2015 Heritage Turkey Deposit
2015 Heritage Turkey Deposit
Reserve your Thanksgiving Turkey today
Size :
Preference :
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Final round of 2015 Roasters

26 Jun

We have our final harvest of Cornish cross roasters scheduled for August 14. If you would like to reserve one, please email before August 14. Price is $5.00 per pound processed and bagged in a heavy freezer bag, or $5.50 per pound processed and shrink bagged (as shown).  Weights range from 4.5 to 7.5 pounds.


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2015 Turkeys

14 Apr

This year we have taken another step to ensure we are embracing sustainable farming practices.  We are not planning to raise our jumbo broad breasted bronze turkeys this year.  Instead, we will be raising more heritage turkeys, Bourbon Red*, Narragansett*, American Bronze* and for the first time Midget White*.

Midget White turkeys were originally developed in the 1960s as a sustainable small family turkey.  They are meatier than a small heritage turkey, with more white meat than their traditional heritage cousins, yet have the slow growth, vigor, and taste of the heritage birds.  With white feathers, they also dress out very cleanly.

The broad breasts and compact bodies make a nice small family dinner, or an “everyday” turkey for any time of the year for a family of 4-8.  We are only raising a small number for evaluation, but if they perform well and are popular we’ll continue to raise them along with other heritage turkey varieties.

* denotes Slow Food USA Ark of Taste recognition for outstanding taste, sustainable production, threatened or endangered status, and produced in limited quantities.

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All natural roasters available 6/3/2015

08 Apr

We are raising a limited number of Cornish Rock roasters for your enjoyment. We’ve been raising them for our own table for many years but this year we’d like to share the experience of eating naturally raised chicken that has been raised without antibiotics, on fresh, wholesome feeds and clean water. These birds are raised a little bigger than the usual “broiler” so you get a nice meaty piece of chicken…each breast half is close to 2 pounds on the bigger birds! Yet they are still very young and tender. Great in the oven, on the grill, in the fryer or on the rotisserie. They will be processed and bagged whole and range from 4 to 7 pounds.  Please send us an email at if you are interested in reserving a chicken or two!

Here is a photo of the last batch, ready for the freezer!




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Spring on the farm!

07 Apr

Spring is a busy time at the farm.  While the trees outside still look like winter, indoors things are definitely moving along!  Tomatoes, celery and peppers are all growing in flats, and the incubator is in full gear with chicks and turkey poults appearing throughout April.



Happy New Year!

02 Jan

Greetings, friends! We will be bringing in 150 new pullets mid-February, and they should start laying by late March. We will be selling off our existing flock of 1 1/2 year old production reds starting in March. If you are in need of backyard layers or stewing hens, please drop us a line at with your request!


Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends!

22 Nov

Thank you all for a wonderful 2014!  Happy Thanksgiving and I truly hope you enjoy the turkeys we raised by hand since the day they hatched (and for the heritage birds, for 28 days before that)!

We had more beautiful birds than ever this year, and will raise a few more next year.  We will unfortunately never be able to meet the demand, but we will raise as many as we can without compromising health, living conditions, and TLC.

Please be careful not to overcook your fresh turkey.  You do not need to freeze your turkey between now and Thanksgiving, just keep it in the fridge below 35F to maintain freshness.  A bag with giblets is inside, please remember to remove it before cooking.  And please follow the revised USDA cooking temperatures of 165F for the best tasting, juiciest turkey you can find!  If stuffing your bird, please be sure to allow the bird to warm up a bit at room temperature while preparing your stuffing, rinse the inside and outside before stuffing, and add HOT stuffing to the cavity and immediately begin roasting.  Stuffing should reach 145F before serving.  If it is not hot enough when the bird is done, consider removing the stuffing and continuing to bake it in a casserole dish while the turkey rests before carving.

Our all natural turkeys cook fast, often 30% faster than your cookbook says for the weight.  If your turkey is done early, simply wrap in foil, place in a cooler, and pack with towels.  The rest period will do no harm and will keep the turkey warm for a considerable time.  It’s definitely a better alternative to overcooking!