Turkey pickup is Saturday, November 22!

21 Nov

Turkey pickup will be held from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, November 22. I have sent emails to everyone with a reservation at this point, and am awaiting confirmation from several people on their selections. Please check your mailbox for emails sent to your PayPal-associated mailbox.

If you are on the waiting list, I will contact you after the confirmed pickups. At this time we do have one or two turkeys available for waitlist.


Thanksgiving is almost here!

10 Nov

And all of our beautiful turkeys have dinner reservations.  Thanks to all for supporting your local farm!

The pickup date will be Saturday, November 22.  We will contact you on November 20 or 21 with pickup details and the balance due on your turkey.

We have selected our breeding stock for next season from the best of the batch, and we are keeping two Narragansett hens and one tom for 2015 eggs.  This will allow us to grow more heritage turkeys in 2015.  Since we are committed to providing the best food possible to your table, and helping to promote and restore the Narragansett turkey to a plentiful and high quality status, we will raise only Narragansetts.  We do sell surplus eggs and poults, so if you wish to raise your own turkey next year, check back in the spring for availability.


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No more self-serve eggs

23 Oct

Effective Monday, October 27, we will no longer be offering self-serve eggs.  We will, however, still be selling eggs.

If the egg sign is up, we have eggs to sell.  Please pull up to the garage, walk down the path to the long covered porch, and come to the egg sign at the window.

If the egg sign is not up, we have no eggs to sell.  Please try again another time.


A few turkeys remaining…

23 Oct

Final countdown to turkey day! We still have a few turkeys available for reservation. We have three Broad Breasted Bronze that will fall into the medium and large ranges available, and one that will probably end up in the small to medium range. Book now to ensure that your table is well dressed for the holiday!  Click the link below to jump to the details.

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Thanksgiving Turkey Reservations 2014

19 Jun

Summer is almost here, and it’s time to think ahead to fall! Pickup dates will be November 22 and 23rd, the weekend before Thanksgiving.

We are opening our turkey reservations early this year as we are raising a bumper crop of turkeys. Our purebred Narragansett and mixed heritage turkeys are growing for your dining pleasure. Heritage turkeys are the traditional American turkey. They can run, fly, dig and scratch, enjoy courtship and turkey talk, and come in a rainbow of colors. They have about equal amounts of white and dark meat and are lean and flavorful as they grow much more slowly than the highly selected modern meat strains. We time our hatch so that they are just reaching the peak of maturity when we harvest, with fully matured feathers for clean plucking and a light layer of fat under the skin for peak moistness and flavor. Although we do our best to match the size of bird with your wishes, sometimes the supply and demand don’t align. So please, if you are flexible in your sizing or selection of heritage or broad breasted, let us know. If you’ve already invited 20 people for dinner and only the largest bird we have will do, please let us know that too.

Our very own strain of Walnut Hill Farm Narragansett turkeys come from some of the best bloodlines in the country (Porter’s). We’ve selected the best tom and hen available as our foundation stock, and they’ve been producing beautiful offspring. Naturally, with only one hen we don’t get all that many eggs, but we have some nice babies here. We also locally sourced some turkey eggs that have been bred for size, they hatched out into nice mixed colors and are promising to be good sized birds. Right now we are offering 15 heritage birds for reservation. Because we hatched our own this year, despite the increase in costs (feed and processing) we are able to hold the price at $6.00 per pound.

Please click below to leave a deposit to reserve your very own heritage turkey today.

Sold Out


And, of course, our Broad Breasted Bronzes. With the beautiful bronze and black colors of their wild ancestors, they are a noble looking bird. Selection of breeding stock for meat quantity and quality alone over the past 80 years has led to birds that are perfectly suited to eat and be eaten. They aren’t agile, but they love to sun themselves and find good things to eat. They have a large ratio of light meat to dark meat, and because they are not raised crammed into massive warehouses they do have some muscle tone as they are free to walk and flap around as they please. We are raising 12 of these birds for Thanksgiving. These birds are priced at $3.75 per pound dressed weight.

Please click below to leave a deposit to reserve your very own broad breasted bronze turkey today.

Sold Out

Once you’ve made your selections, please review your cart and complete your transaction via PayPal to reserve your bird(s). Thank you!

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Turkeys 2014

13 Jun

Walnut Hill Farm is raising more turkeys in 2014 than we ever have before. Our Narragansett breeding pair has been producing plenty of fertile eggs, and an acquisition of a few other heritage hatching eggs to broaden the gene pool has resulted in a nice assortment of beautiful healthy turkeys. We are also raising a dozen Broad Breasted Bronze hens and three toms to fill the niche for larger birds. As always, they will be bagged and processed and ready for you just in time for your Thanksgiving dinner. Please watch for our reservation form, which will be posted in just a couple of weeks.

We will be opening our reservations early this year, and can guarantee that there will be a bird for every order for which we take a reservation.

We also have Narragansett turkey hatching eggs and Narragansett poults available if you want to raise your own turkey.

We have just finished raising our first batch of broilers for the season. These Cornish x Rock crosses, from Townline Hatchery in Zeeland, are exceptionally vigorous and healthy. Although this first batch is already filling requests from our own family, we are ordering the next batch for mid-September processing. These birds will dress out at 5-8 lbs and are well fleshed and well balanced conformation.

In order to ensure we can raise them with plenty of space and care, we are limiting our production to 25 birds per batch. This is a very small number so please, if you are interested in reserving one or more hand raised broilers, please drop us a line at Price is $4.00 per pound dressed weight, and please remember you are not getting the 13% “broth” filler that commercial poultry contains so you get much more meat for your money.


Backyard chickens

26 May

We have 3 or so beautiful mature Ameraucana “Easter Egger” chickens available for your backyard flock. This variety isn’t highly productive, but the eggs are lovely shades of aqua and green. $5 each, only a few to go.

Also available 1 pair of beautiful young Golden Sebright bantams, $20 for cockerel and hen. Perfect for the fair, or just for pets, easy to keep indoors. These birds are about the size of a robin now and won’t get much bigger than a pigeon and will lay very small eggs. Also available one Silver Old English Game bantam pullet, tiny-tiny-tiny smaller than a robin.


New babies!

07 Apr

Here are two of our Narragansett turkey babies. The one on the left is three weeks old, the one on the right is one day old.

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water candling

15 Mar

Water candling Aone egg, A13, shows a viable poult. However, it’s a day late already!



13 Mar

We have two turkey eggs in the hatcher now. I expect the hatch to start Friday or Saturday. You can watch online at if the technology cooperates!

Sunday night update: we have one turkey egg in the hatcher. He/she is not in a hurry to come out, perhaps waiting for spring to arrive! However, I expect that Monday this egg will be “rocking and rolling” in the hatcher. Once the shell is pipped (small hole on the big end), the hatch will be officially under way!

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