Welcome to Walnut Hill Farm

Walnut Hill Farm was established in 1822 by Ezra Burgess, a pioneer from Vermont. He recognized the value of the rolling site and rich soil and established a successful commercial farming enterprise.

We operate using the same sustainable farming techniques set forth in the pioneer days, before the advent of factory farming. We use no soy, no antibiotics, no hormones, no pesticides. Healthy poultry, natural feeds, sunlight, and care produce REAL food.

What does our farm produce?
fresh eggs

Fresh eggs

Our fresh eggs are harvested and packaged daily so that you get the freshest eggs possible. Our birds are housed in free range shelters where they can fly and roost and scratch and sunbathe, and eat a healthy soy-free diet of locally grown grains, crushed granite, and crushed oystershell. They also receive all the fresh vegetable trimmings from the kitchen, and thinnings from the garden. You are what you eat, and that holds true for chickens! Great eggs come from healthy, happy naturally raised chickens.


Live chickens

Each year, some of our laying hens slow down production. We offer these hens in small numbers year round to those interested in starting or increasing their own backyard flock, and in larger numbers on occasion as we rotate a segment of our flock. Most are brown egg layers. 

These birds also make excellent soup and stewing hens and are offered live. 

Turkey photo

Free range turkeys

We offer a very limited quantity of free range turkeys for Thanksgiving.  If your only experience with turkey is of the commercial frozen variety, you don't know what you are missing!  Our turkeys are raised from day old to maturity (16 - 20 weeks for Broad Breasted Bronze, 26-30 weeks for heritage) on natural feeds with no hormones, antibiotics, or pesticides, and no added brine in the dressed bird. You will not find a more flavorful and tender turkey anywhere! 


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