Our Promise to You

We understand that you come to us because you are searching for a better alternative than highly intensive, unsustainable, environment-threatening factory farming.  We are working hard to bring you healthy alternatives to grocery store fare.  "Garbage in, garbage out " and "You are what you eat" are old but true phrases...and we won't sacrifice quality and wholesomeness for better production rates.  We farm the old fashioned way, hands-on, and use locally sourced products whenever possible.

What makes our farm different?


Our birds are housed in open air coops where they receive the advantages of fresh air and sunshine.  They are free to roam, fly, sleep and roost inside their coop wherever they choose, and go outside to scratch in the dirt, weather permitting, every other day.  The water supply comes from our home deep well, and is chemical free.


We do not cage them, restrict their food, water or light, or unnaturally force them into maturity.




We buy the best fresh, wholesome grains from local farmers including corn, oats, and wheat.  Our products are good for soy sensitive individuals as we don't include cheap soy meal in the diet. We offer the birds a free choice diet so they can select what their bodies need, including crushed oystershell for bone development and maintenance, and crushed granite to aid digestion.  They also receive fresh vegetable trimmings from our kitchen, fallen fruit, and thinnings from the vegetable garden. 

sustainable agriculture

Sustainability and quality

Up until the mid 1930s, farming was a local enterprise.  If you did not raise it, you bought from someone locally who did.  Farming is now a global industry, and quality is sacrificed for cost, quantity, and storage capability.


Factory farming is hard on the environment.  Even large scale organic farming is not sustainable in the long term.  We reduce, reuse, and recycle egg cartons, manure bags, and offer manure for your own garden.  Go green!